FC Girona will start the new 2018/19 season at their new state of the art facilities. 

Talent Development worked with Girona to design and install a brand new camera IP network managed by the SCC Elite. When we first arrived at the site to consider the idea there were open fields. Today, just a few months later, there are newly installed pitches and fantastic facilities. 

Talent oversaw the development of a five IP camera network covering two full sized pitches and a goalkeeping area managed by our full spec SCC Elite software. We advised and sourced on everything from the type of cameras to the location of the cameras, from poles and network specifications to software configuration and from installation to training.

The SCC Elite will provide the best tactical and technical angles for all their working sessions to help coaches and players make better decisions.  All their pitches have a dedicated Wi-Fi network which allows coaches to work in real time with the players through our advanced IVF feature which provides real time video feedback, live coding and multi user management amongst many other things. All of which is designed to be a technology available at the fingertips of coaches and players in a non-invasive way.  

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