MLSZ (Hungarian Football Federation) took a big step forward with the construction a few years ago of it's new training ground at Telki. It is comprised of a state of the art football high performance centre as well as great facilities for relaxation of the players. Current national players and new talented Hungarian players come together at Telki as representative of their country with the best facilities to help them perform.

MLSZ chose the SCC Elite as the exclusive and dedicated system to capture all football activity with high quality tactical recordings, across all of the facility's pitches, to meet their coaching needs.

SCC Elite was installed at Telki to be a key support in preparation for the UEFA EURO 2016 tournament. Hungary qualified for the tournament for the first time in 44 years.  Hungary performed surprisingly well and made it to the quarter finals much to the excitement of this passionate footballing country.

The SCC Elite remains a key technology at the Telki Training Ground for all coaching and analysis staff. We at TDT are proud to continue to support MLSZ, growing together, and adding new features and upgrades to match our customer's needs. 

“In Telki, the HQ of the Hungarian Football Federation we use SCC to cover all of our four training pitches. Our aim is to use the footages in an all-round way, so not only the Match Analysts and the coaching staff, but also the medical staff is watching the footage to observe the circumstances of the injuries.”

Gábor Karpjuk, Match Analyst, Hungarian Football Federation