Give and Take: Why Helping Others Drives our Success // 06.18

A season ends, a new season is coming, it’s a chance for football professionals to recover and to take holiday. But for coaches, trainers and analysts the break is short. They are not out of the game for long as they make all the preparations for next season.

As you make these preparations we thought you might find our recommended book of the month of value and interest.

In Give and Take, Adam Grant demonstrates why success is increasingly dependent on how we interact with others, a helpful read for all football professionals to clearly see how we can adapt our focus on interactions. 

We have had the honour to meet and work with a huge number of elite football professionals across the world (coaches, trainers, analyst, sport scientists, board members, players, ...), most of them talented, hardworking and passionate, all key values of success over the decades. Yet, our world changes quickly and previous values aren't enough to ensure individual success in our reconfigured football environment.

We coaches and analysts have spent a big part of our careers giving a lot, and for that reason we recommend this book. We are pretty sure this evidence-based read will encourage all of our professional footballing colleagues to continue giving!

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